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Re: Your thoughts please..... and support

That is absolutely crazy. I am very involved in our nursery/children's ministry at our church. Our nursery is pretty laid back, since we currently have only 2-4 babies on Sunday. But if a parent wants to stay (and some do) that is perfectly fine. If I'm working that Sunday, I love it when parents stay, since it gives an extra pair of hands with the kiddos! I can't even imagine giving that sort of advice to a parent -- especially someone I barely know. Is this same lady in the nursery every Sunday, or do you have a rotation? I agree with your choice of leaving the church -- hopefully you are in an area with several good churches to choose from. Church is very important to me, and having a place to go where I can trust that my kids will be nurtured is every bit as important as finding a church that I agree with doctrinally.
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