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Re: seems like a bum deal...

Originally Posted by miraclebabysmama View Post
Hmmm...ok, so she decided to contact the diaper maker at my suggestion and the maker is not acknowledging the fact that the item in question was premade, unsold inventory and she is not offering any type of compensation for the price difference. :/ what should she do now? What would you do if it were you. I feel bad for this lady.
Ok, so it looks like ^ this was all one GIGANTIC misunderstanding. There was an attachment in an email that was missed and that's why a partial refund was not offered right away. This has been all hashed out and after a few more misunderstandings and a few hurt feelings, followed by some appologies I think it's all good.

I know that posting this doesn't really make sense because it's not like anyone knows who was being referenced in all this (which was my intent), but I just wanted to let anyone who was following the thread know that this WAHM is not shady or anything. ANd I never intended it to come across sounding like I thought that either.

I still stand by my opinion that havng previously made inventory become part of a custom doesn't seem right, BUT...if it's a semi-custom and the listing states that premade stuff may be part of the deal, then absolutely it is fine.

So, all in all, thanks for your opinions on the situation ladies, and I'm glad things worked out for the seller, but next time I may just keep my curiosity to myself. LOL
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