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Re: Hospital/BirthingCenter/HomeBirth....What's in your bag?

Originally Posted by popsi View Post
I have my list too, but that's as far as I got with packing! But, funnily enough just before I got on the computer my DH reminded me that I must pack my bag! Should really be listening to him instead of goofing off!

Coupla questions though: what is UC? and Why pack so many things the hospital give out? Don't they give you pp pads and all kinds of meds and sprays etc? Also, when in the hospital will you have the opportunity to use a sling/wrap? Just wondering
The hospital doesn't "give" anything. Some people (like me) who either have to pay a lot out of pocket or don't have insurance prefer to not use the overpriced items at the hospital. $35 for a pack of pads I can get for less than $5 at walmart is an example from my last birth. Some people (like me) also have sensitivities to certain dyes/fragrances and have to bring items that we are not allergic to. Or the hospital doesn't provide items. The birth center I hope to deliver at provides nothing. You have to bring diapers, wipes, clothes to labor in, etc.
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