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July Turkey Gobble

How are you mama's doing???

I am glad that we are all getting to know these wonderful babies well now! Some of us may not be feeling our little ones just yet but the fun has just started!

As of now our Boy tally is quite high compared to girls and our green team is just hanging in trying to resist the temptation! Doing great mama's!!!

AFM: I am getting my new OB which he is allowing me to VBAC! I am very excited I have the chance to natural birth once in my life. This is our last baby so this is our last chance. Each week he gets stronger and is really taking a good wop at whatever may be on my belly. He doesn't like things on my stomach. So something I am learning about him. Sounds like he will want to be left alone quite a bit. I just pray he doesn't ever go on a nursing strike because they are SO FRUSTRATING!

Updates mama's!

Hows the belly growing ladies?

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