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Re: Hospital/BirthingCenter/HomeBirth....What's in your bag?

If I end up at the hospital, I will have hit my deductible, guaranteed. At that point, we are covered at 100%, so I'm going to take everything I can get "for free."

That said, no one offered me a peri bottle, lanolin or breast pads. No offer of a toothbrush, paste or mouthwash, etc. Treat it like going on vacation and you won't be disappointed. That said, everything I asked for at the hospital they found for me, no matter how difficult. I am however concerned that due to a LOT of food allergies, staying at the hospital would mean providing my own food, which would SUCK!

With my hospital birth, I had 3 bags packed. 1 bag to take to labor (with camera/charger, snacks, pillow, music, toothbrush, etc). 1 bag for the actual stay in the hospital (clothes, laptop and charger, phone numbers of whom to call/e-mail, extra toiletries, etc). 1 bag for the baby. That held all the diapers and "free stuff" I took from the hospital, the baby's going home outfit, blanket, coat (it snows in April in WY), etc.

After the birth, I had my mom take the "labor" bag back home. She brought the hospital stay bag up to the room from the car as soon as I was assigned to my room. Then when my mom came to pick us up she brought the baby's bag. That means I didn't have to move all those bags at once. AND, because my mom was awesome, each bag was easily unpacked, clothes washed and things put away, because it wasn't all jammed into 1 giant bag!
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