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Those with Multiple C-sections-a question for you.

Hi Ladies

I'm expecting my fourth baby via fourth c-section on the 31st of this month. I'm a bit nervous, since there will be just under 17 months between c-section #3 & 4, and also fourth in 5 years. I have had no complications, and relatively easy recoveries in the past. My first c-section experience was great, baby perfectly healthy, no issues from the surgery, but babies #2 & 3 (born @ 39w4d & 40w1d) both had slight complications with their breathing. I'm unsure why my first son (2nd section) had breathing issues, but my second son (third section) was most likely due to his head being caught in the septum of my uterus (bicornuate), after my water broke unexpectedly & was contracting (had been planning a vba2c, found out last minute he was breech, had not yet scheduled c-section).

So, for moms that have had 3+ c-sections (especially those with c-sections under 18 months apart), have you noticed an increase in complications, either for baby or yourself? No increased issues? I guess I'm really just looking for encouragement. TIA!

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