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Re: Those with Multiple C-sections-a question for you.

((hugs)). I've had 3 c-sections in 3 years (4th baby though... 4 kids in 4 yrs). There were 19 mos. between my 1st and 2nd c-section and 17 mos. between my 2nd and 3rd c-section.

My babies have handled the c-sections just fine. C-sections cause an increased risk of respiratory issues in infants, but fortunately, we haven't had to deal with that.

I had a lot of scar tissue build up after my 2nd c-section... it hurt to pee because scar tissue had attached itself to my bladder (and I had pain other times too) and was painful all the way up to my 3rd c-section. My son was 12lbs.2oz and I wonder if that could have played a factor as to why I had sooo much scar tissue... who knows... Anyway, I was nervous about the 3rd c-section because of that!

During my 3rd c-section, the doctors spent a LOT more time getting to the baby and after they pulled her out, they spent a lot of time on me, trying to remove these adhesions. Unfortunately, they did knick my bladder when trying to remove some scar tissue from it. BUT after a week, I felt the urge to pee again and have had no problems since. Another plus is that the doctors did a great job removing adhesions and build up and I haven't had pain like I had after my 2nd c-section... Praise the Lord! That c-section was triple the time of what my other 2 c/s had been But so worth it. I love that I can pee now and not cry! haha. So overall, my 3rd c/s recovery was much better than my 2nd in that area.

I don't know your normal healing time during recovery, but my doctor says to give yourself more time to heal the more c-sections you have. It seems some women heal so quickly after theirs and other women take longer. It takes me a bit longer with each one. There are a lot of women on this board that say the more c/s they have, the easier the recovery, so I know it's all very individualistic. So don't be too discouraged.

Do you have someone coming to stay with you to help you out?
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