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Re: Facing my second breech c-section :( Help me with my birth plan.

Originally Posted by Riverdavidsmama View Post
The X-ray/MRI is because she was breech. It's really not necessary. If there's something wrong with their hips, you'll know it later and they won't do anything about it until later either.

Sorry mama! Thanks - I'll ask for that!
We had an ultrasound done on my 2nd son (who was breech) to check his hips. They can do the ultrasound before your child turns 6 mos. old. After that it's x-rays. Our laid back care provider was insistant on having it done and we were okay with the ultrasound. I'd much prefer that vs. an x-ray if it's needed down the road.

Also, even if you see something is off with the hips later on.. they'd still want to do an x-ray to help diagnose it. If they can catch it early on, early intervention can help your baby. The earlier dealt with, usually the better... JMO
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