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Re: Those with Multiple C-sections-a question for you.

I TOTALLY understand... That last month of pregnant, esp, I start to have anxiety about the c-section. It's hard not to! I tell people how strange it is to know "In 12 days, I am going to be laid on a table, etc...." Big hugs!!!
I asked for a lot of prayer from friends and family for my emotions during that time. I tried to remember that Bible verse about taking captive every thought. That helped me too.

Also, distraction was a must. The last 3 weeks of my pregnancy, I tried to schedule something every other day and the last week, about every day! If we were busy, then I wasn't alone with my thoughts or fears. Plus, I knew that once I was laid up, recoverying, that I wouldn't be able to do those activities with the kids for awhile. So we did the zoo, pumpkin patch, parks, playdates, etc. That REALLY helped a lot!

Is there a way you could have your husband help you out and THEN have your other family? Like stair-step them? It'd give you a longer time period of help. I tried to save most of my freezer meals for when all my help was gone (4 weeks' worth).
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