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Re: Facing my second breech c-section :( Help me with my birth plan.

By 2 breech C sections were really smooth. After acupuncture, moxybustin, endless weeks spent on all fours hanging my belly, etc., I determined with DD (kid #1) that I was "giving up the fight". I began to realize whether it was her or my body shape, she wasn't turning and I was going to enjoy my last weeks with her in my belly. I figured I had many battles to pick in parenting, and this was one I didn't need to win.

It turns out the cord was actually wrapped around her neck. Thank heavens that we didn't attempt a version!!!!

As for the hip ultrasound, it should be done at 6 weeks old. Because of the long term breech positioning, there can be effects on the child's hips. My 2 kids were fine. Girls are more likely than boys to a problem, but it's always good to have the ultrasound.

Best wishes!
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