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Originally Posted by 3 ladybugs
I would love a thread like this but I am not pregnant yet. Give me 2 weeks though and I may be (transfer is a week from today for FET).

This (should it happen) will be my 2nd pregnancy after my last loss, and my 3rd after my major loss. So I have lived through it and I was successful.
there is a TTC after loss thread already. Hope to see you back on this side!

Originally Posted by brookglen

Yay yay yay!!! I've been away from ttc for a few days. Congrats lady!
Thank you! I'm sorry you're so sick that's one thing I'm looking forward too as I was never sick with the m/c's. But I've got two kids that need me do I hope it's not too bad.

Originally Posted by crunchymom2b
Heather!!! I am so excited for you!!!!!!! All my fingers and my toes and my eyes are crossed for you!!!!

I didn't crack and get the doppler until 19ish weeks. I kept going back and forth but DF refused and I figured movement would start soon. Well, it didn't start soone nough and I had a slight spotting episode the night before we went to the casino so I flat out told him i was ordering one with whatever money I walked out of there with. Did it and haven't looked back. Its comforting but would probably be moreso in the beginning when I didn'thaveit. I use it now when he's really quiet but my midwife said that's not necessarily an indicator of health. Well, at least he's alive I tell myself.
Thank you! I have a Doppler too, i totally get that. Sadly my uterus is retroverted so I can't hear anything before 12 weeks anyway. Been meaning to sell it but it was nice to do.

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