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Re: TTA while breastfeeding Advice

Originally Posted by 4mes View Post
I suggest the sympto thermal method of NFP as taught by CCL. It cross checks three fertility signs for greater accuracy. Those signs are temp., cervical mucus, and cervical position. I am not a fan of of NFP methods that only track cervical mucus especially when tta while breastfeeding. Using any type of NFP is a bit trickier to use while breastfeeding because you are not cycling (typically). When you start gearing up to become fertile the signs are harder to interpret especially mucus.

Also, some woman whether breastfeeding or not may have all the time mucus do to hormone or dietary issues. Due to this they will be abstaining a lot.
there is certainly nothing wrong with sympto thermal, but I must disagree with your assessment of the cervical mucus only methods. With a well-trained teacher (which is certainly what you would get with the Creighton Model), continuos mucus is easily handled. We can figure out which cervical mucus is infertile and which is true fertility, and the unintended pregnancy rate is not higher than the published rates for all couples. They certainly won't be having to abstain a lot when we determine the true signs of fertility.
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