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Re: July Turkey Gobble

My youngest was like that in the belly, and when he was born he wasn't a snuggler at all, it all changed at around 1, and still at 4 he loves to snuggle up on the couch and if he had his way he's sleep in our bed every night snuggled up to one of us!

AFM: I just changed jobs, got a call from my old job a couple weeks ago asking me if Id be available to cover the rest of someones maternity leave! Anyways she's not back until December and my boss knows Ill be out end of November but anyways I came in on Monday! I'm now assured enough hours for my maternity leave, work at a desk, will be able to be online alot more once I get my account set up, no more kids pushing me around at the daycare so I'm thrilled!

We found out last week we're having a little girl, cannot be more thrilled about it, was so not expecting a girl though but going with it and having fun shopping! Her name will be Adneylie Maya. The boys are super excited for their sister but just don't understand that now that we know its a girl, why can't she come out now? She's a little wiggle worm, kicks me in towards my insides all day long, then at night wiggles under her dads hand as were going to sleep, shes not kicking hard enough yet though for him to feel her but Im sure that will be soon!
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