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Re: Hospital/BirthingCenter/HomeBirth....What's in your bag?

I have my list from my last time. My hospital also provides all kinds of stuff for me and baby. Even hazelwitch pads! What I forgot last time was to have other items I needed at home ready to go. It is a little embarrassing for your mil to have to go pick up pads. Luckily, she didn't mind, but we should have had enough.

Here are my lists: (None of which i have packed yet. :P)
Hospital Packing List
-list of relaxing techniques for hubby to use with you
-own outfit to labor in
-hair ties
-slippers or socks
-extra photo cards and batteries/chargers
-phones with phone numbers/chargers
-water bottle with bendy straw
-honey (for energy)

-nursing gowns/pjís
-slippers and socks
-toothbrush and toiletry items
-change of clothes to go home
-shoes (to go home)
-babyís going home outfit
-baby blanket for trip home
-overnight stuff for hubby (if staying)
-chapstick/make-up (to feel Ďnormalí again)

To have at home:
-pain meds (Motrin)
-pads- both panty and nursing
-Epson salts or Dreft (my mom and mother-in-law both recommended it)
-Colace (or something similar)
-Hazelwitch pads
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