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Affairs (Physical and emotional)

So we talked about seperating and divorcing. My husband has had a physical affair and i just recently found out about an emotional affair. Might have turn physical had i not found out, I dont know.....

Any way, how have you dealt with this? Did you decide to split? My husband doesnt want to talk about anything that concerns us. When i bring anything up that bothers me he says im nagging. Ihave told him i want this marriage. I want to stay together but we HAVE to talk about this! If not we will divorce. Im not living this way. His response"At least if we divorce I wont have to hear you talk about talking" Seriously???? So im confused.....Im a SAHMwith no income and no family and a husband who i dont think really loves me. I honestlt feel he wants a divorce but doesnt want to be the one to ask for it. To be honest, Im starting to feel as I want one too. Just to be done....

What would you do?....
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