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Re: Is your baby head down yet?

Originally Posted by Lyshyloche View Post
Would anyone consider still trying for a vaginal birth in the case of a breech?
I would like to try a vaginal birth even if the baby is breech. My doctor told me that she is comfortable with breech births although she explained to me that a study came out that indicated breech babies delivered via C-Section have higher APGAR scores than those delivered vaginally.

With a quick search, I was found these journal articles to support what she told me:

Long-term outcome in term breech infants with low Apgar score--a population-based follow-up. European Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Reproductive Biology (impact factor: 1.58). 01/2002; 100(1):5-8.

Vaginal Delivery versus Cesarean Section; Birth Outcome in Primi Gravdae Breech. Professional Med J Jun 2010;17(2):300-303.

However, my doctor is in a big practice, so if she's not on-call, I'm not sure if the other docs in the practice would be comfortable delivering a breech baby. But what I have to keep in mind is that ultimately, it's MY decision not theirs. I'm the one who has to sign a consent form for a C-Section, they cannot perform the surgery without my consent.
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