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Re: March 2011 mamas - How many words does your baby say?

My DS doesn't say that many words either, but the doctor didn't say anything about it at his 15 month well visit. He says "mom, dad (which he hasn't said in a while), dog, & hi" but he babbles all the time & sometimes it sounds like he's saying something, but I'm not sure if I'm just hearing what I want to or if it was a fluke. He use to go to school until he was 9mos old then I changed jobs & started working p/t so he's wi/ grandparents & w/ either my husband or both of us. He also doesn't walk on his own yet, only supported in some way. He didn't pull himself up until he was a year & didn't crawl until just after Easter. I try not to worry about it too much any more I finding that he does things on his own time, when he's ready.
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