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Re: Baby is here.

Congrats on the new baby, you have already been on such a roller coaster.

Our Screech was born with high levels of Meth in system. They did not send him home with mess which I thought was a huge mistake. As with most any exposure babies he had the burning bowel movement. While the toxins get out of system this normal for first 2 weeks. Get zinc oxide 40% which is Desitin max or Target Brand. It has to be the super thick white kind. Keep her but thickly covered with it. Add at ever diaper change and only wipe off the poop, try to keep thick barrier between the skin. Sorry no cloth diapers for the first couple weeks while this is going on. Then one day it should magically disappear. If still dealing with in 3 weeks then you are dealing with more than "tox bottom"

She will be sleepier first 2 weeks and you will notice she tremors when sleeping and crying. She will also clench her arms and legs if her exposure is bad and seem to have an abnormal amount of strength. SWADDLE, SWADDLE, SWADDLE even if she doesn't like it. It will help break the tone, help regulate her, and help with tremors.

Another key thing to do is to get her food intake up much more quickly than a no exposed baby. Think oz match weeks for the first month and you will hit 30 oz a day before 2 months. Babies will use food to help get over withdrawals. Around that 12 week mark when things are calming down the food intake will go closer to normal. Don't be surprised if she fills out quite a bit. I have found that the quicker I can get the food intake up the shorter the hard withdrawal part.

After the first 2 weeks the fussiness usually starts and will last until about 10-12 weeks. It usually gets worse around the 6-8 week mark and just about the time you think you can't take it anymore it gets better.

If she clenches, seems extra strong, can rollover or pivot in a circle. Or has latching issues get Early Intervention out to help you through.

Good luck hopefully her exposure was minimal. Feel free to PM me. If it isn't meth this is still pretty much what you see with most exposure. The all over tremors and clenching are meth and normally they are not as high strung like babies exposed to cocaine.
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