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Originally Posted by sugar_crystalz
Any advice on neighborhood kids that just WILL NOT LISTEN to you? Some of the girls friends (boy age 8 and girl age 5) just moved in next door and they literally bothered us ALL day yesterday. They wouldn't leave when I told them to, wouldn't listen to what I told them to do, kept Seni up from her second nap, etc. I finally made them leave a little after 7 telling them the girls were going to lay down to watch tv before bed. 1/2 hour later the kids walk in again (forgot to lock the door, grr...) saying they want to watch a movie with my girls. I said "NO, they're sleeping. You NEED to go home." And their response was that their babysitter said they have to be home at 11... WTF?! I'm going to talk to their mom today but I don't know if it'll do much- she's pretty lax (obviously) and just lets them do whatever I think. UGH.
Oy good luck with that! We used to live on base in California and if y doors weren't locked kids would walk in ALL THE TIME. they would even go upstairs to find us if we weren't down there.

I just tell them if the girls want to play, they'll come ask them. And I'd they cannot be respectful by listening to me that try won't be allowed to come over anymore. Then talk with the mom.
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