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Re: Any mamas here cook everything from scratch?

I make almost everything from scratch b/c I like to avoid processed foods and know what is in it.

Here's what we usually have on hand:

All purpose flour (I prefer to get unbleached.)
Whole wheat flour
White sugar
Brown sugar
Baking powder
Baking soda
Olive oil
Oatmeal - I also often grind oatmeal to use in place of breadcrumbs
Sea salt
Various other spices, we tend to use Cayenne a lot

I also try to do healthier versions of things as I'm leaning more in that direction, so I often have:

Honey OR maple syrup OR fruits that can be used as sweeteners
Flaxseeds or flaxmeal (just got a coffee grinder finally, so I'll be getting flaxseeds more rather than flaxmeal) - these can be used in place of eggs
Coconut to make fresh coconut milk in the blender

I also have black beans stored in the freezer right now, that I already cooked, to pull out when we need them... there's probably more but hope this helps
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