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Originally Posted by 2011Mommy
My DS doesn't say that many words either, but the doctor didn't say anything about it at his 15 month well visit. He says "mom, dad (which he hasn't said in a while), dog, & hi" but he babbles all the time & sometimes it sounds like he's saying something, but I'm not sure if I'm just hearing what I want to or if it was a fluke.
I wonder sometimes too. It SOUNDS like DS can say thank you, I love you, down, and out. Also no & unh-uh. But I'm not for sure.

He did for sure pick up uh-oh over the past month. He says it at least a dozen times a day. Usually just before or just after throwing his food on the floor for the dog or putting something in the trash

His words now include hi, bye, uh-oh, mama, daddy, gone-gone, and umm (yum). His babble has also increased, so I'm thinking he's on the verge of a verbal "explosion" so to speak...
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