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Strange Situation- When to File?

I emailed a seller about an item for sale here in the end of June, asking if it was still available. The next day I came down with bronchitis, then the next day my youngest woke up in the middle of the night with croup. The two of us were very sick for a full week and I was unable to make the time to get back on to DS during that time. I logged back in on the 25th, apologized, explained the situation, and asked if it was still available. Even though she wasn't logged in when I sent it, she logged in and responded to me within minutes(which tells me she gets email notification of her PMs so she knew to log-in) to tell me it was. I thanked her and asked her to confirm the PayPal address she'd sent the week before. I know many people have multiple PayPal accounts for different purposes, so I didn't want to assume. When I received no response for four days, I simply sent the funds, including 25% extra and a note with my special thanks for waiting the week before when I had gone MIA while my baby and I were so sick.
It's now been two weeks and now SHE has gone MIA, I have not received the item I paid her for, and she hasn't logged in since I sent her payment. Like I said above, every time I sent her a PM she responded within minutes even though her profile showed she wasn't logged in before I sent it(and showed she was logged-in when she responded) so I believe that's a pretty solid indication that she gets email notifications of her PMs and sees them immediately.
I sent her another message asking what's up, but no response yet. I feel like I should return the courtesy and give her extra grace considering how I made her wait for my payment, but this is getting a little... disconcerting? How would you proceed? When would you file with PayPal? TIA.
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