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Re: Strange Situation- When to File?

Originally Posted by mom1mg View Post
I'd file BUT I wouldn't be upset with her. You sent the money WITHOUT having confirmation on where to send it four days AFTER your last contact with her. It's summer - my guess is she is on vacation and has no clue you sent her money.
I'm more wondering when I should stop being courteous and start protecting myself. Plus, she told me to send the funds, then didn't respond to confirm where for four days. She'd already told me to send the funds- don't you think she'd have said something if she was going on vacation five minutes after she told me to send the money and I responded immediately confirming where? Unless you know something I don't? JK. But really, I sent the funds because I felt badly she'd already wait a week before while my baby and I were sick and I was not on DS at all. I see now that was a bad choice, but again- I was trying to be courteous, not saving my own hide. Guess that's why I went with Admin(and others) advice and filed with PayPal. It's highly unlikely she'd been on vaca for the last 2.5 weeks(when I last heard from her).
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