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Re: Anyone else excited about labor?

Originally Posted by GumpR View Post
I'm excited to experience the natural progression of labor since I was pitocin induced with DS. I am reading a lot, especially about the Bradley method. This may sound awful, but I actually don't want that much help from my husband though. Judging from my last labor, I'm easily irritated while in pain. . .

So, I guess what I'm mainly taking from the Bradley method is the positioning, breathing, and overall mindset, not so much the partner stuff.

Hypnobabies sounds neat, but I truly don't think I can stop my critical thinking long enough to allow myself to be hypnotized! The whole time I would be like "I don't think this is working, what if this doesn't work, I don't feel hypnotized, what do I need to get at the grocery store. . . " I have a hard enough time clearing my mind at the end of a yoga class!
This is SO me! I've been debating back and forth regarding trying it because you're supposed to practice 30-45 minutes a day and I don't think I can be still that long. Instead I've been visualizing the way I want my labor to be and trying to add as much detail as I can. I'm also going to make sure to bring a CD with my music to the birth center. I know I won't be consciously aware of it once I'm in heavy labor, but with DS2 I had my music playing and my Midwife softly began singing along to the song and it made me so happy. I was in the middle of a contraction and hearing her sing helped me get through it.

I tell DH that he'd be good at yoga because on the rare occasion I ask him what he's thinking (usually when he looks deeply lost in thought), he says he isn't thinking about anything, he's "zoning". I envy him!
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