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night weaning...

I'm having issues, not at nap because he attends Montessori school all day (where he is on a routine and there is no option to nurse...he can put himself to sleep)...but at home he is VERY dependent on me!! He is 20 months and nurses through the night...I have GOT to put a stop to it!! Since birth he nurses every time he is tired. It's been 20 months of never sleeping through the night and trying to nurse and sleep, but now that he is older he is like a contortionist and squirms breasts and chest hurts SO MUCH from the pulling and the stretching...I can hardly sleep from that pain. At least at night I now nurse him in his room (where we have a routine of rocking and singing) and then we go in our room (where he sleeps) I lay next to him and he will fall asleep...but now he is dependent on me to lay next to him for 15-40 minutes. He'll still wake up in the middle of the night 1 - 3 times and whine and cry. HELP!!!
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