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Re: Babyhawk marks on dd leg

OK, I am point out all of the issues I see that may be contributing to the issue in hopes that fixing one or the other or a combination will help!

First, she's off center in the panel/seat. On one side, the edge is bunching up in her knee pit but on the other it's only at her thigh. So try to get her a little more centered so that her weight is more evenly distributed across her bum/thighs.

Second, it looks like you still have some slack in your shoulder straps/body of the carrier that you could get out. When there is slack, more pressure pulls in the bottom of the straps (where you tie the knot) because that becomes the weight bearing part, so to speak. And the last place the straps are coming in to contact with before tying the knot are your DD's legs, so they are pulling a bit there because of the slack too.

Last, you could try a different way to finish tying the shoulder straps. As a PP mentioned, you could just go under your DD's legs instead of over. Or if you have enough strap length, you could cross over her lower back and then go under her legs and tie at your back. Or do a Lexi-Twist, which is when you basically cross the straps twice at the baby's lower back and then go under their legs to tie at the back.

Good luck, I hope you get it figured out!
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