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Re: Christmas Crafting Ideas?

Haven't read through all this, but I can't wait to do so! I need something for grandparents, our little girl who also turns 2 in December. Then on to her cousins- a 1yo and 3-3yo boys, a 4 yo girl and a 12 yo girl. If anyone has any ideas, especially for the tween I'd love to hear it! Last year for the 3 and 4 yo's I made the crayon/coloring satchels and they were very well received. One mom especially loved it for in the car or restaurant waiting time. I also made them for some friends who moved overseas and their mom loved them too and was so excited to have something fun for her girls to do on the long plane ride - and new for them since they sold or gave away most of their belongings! ok, I'm getting to rambling thanks ahead of time for the great ideas!
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