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Re: Affairs (Physical and emotional)

Originally Posted by Dillysmum View Post
The really sad thing is i feel that IM the one wanting out now....he has made me feel this way....feel that i have done everything i can.....Only a few members of his family know about affairs and i feel this is the reason he is not asking for a divorce. He doesn't want to look like the bad guy. He having the affairs then he asking for a divorce....

I also have 2 boys who will eventually grow up (not from me wishing that, i want them to be little forever) and will eventually be husbands and fathers. This is not the example i want them to follow. They need to know that it is NOT ok the commit adultry. It is NOT ok to disrespect your wife. AND that is is NOT ok to sin against GOD!! (and then not repent)
I hope that your DH has some sort of ephiphany and sees the error of his ways for your sake and the sake of the children. I hope that you two can read books and go to counseling and work things out because you both want to make it work. However, you are NOT the bad guy in this. You shouldn't for one second make yourself think that you are. He is the one who started all of this so everything that transpires thereafter is because of his choices. If you feel that you want out, it's not because you are doing anything wrong - it's because of things that HE did wrong. I hate to think that anyone would beat themselves up over the other spouse cheating, kwim? Even if he doesn't choose to work things out, I think you should see a professional to work out your feelings. You and your children deserve the best.
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