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Re: Baby is here.

Originally Posted by FindingMercy View Post
My sons birthmom gave the ok for me to nurse him. We ha our own room at the hospital,
So it worked out really well.

Birthmom signed the day after he was born. We are working on terminating dads rights because he wants nothing to do with anything and disappeared.
Yeah, bm gave permission for me to nurse, too, but the hospital said their legal dept said no Then on day five I came in, and the nurse said, I'm the head nurse and you've been asking to nurse and I think that would be fine. I didn't ask any questions ~ just got to it. Maybe if she had been in a regular room rather than NICU it would have been different: I don't know.

Man, everywhere is so different. Here they won't let mom sign until dad is done. Both this time and with dd2 through foster care. With dd2 she kept asking and asking to sign because she wanted to move on and they didn't let her for over a year. Kept saying you can't relinquish half a baby. Same thing this time through the adoption agency ~ mom can't sign until dads are signed or time expired. So if they sign they can do that at 48 hours. Otherwise five days from notification, but they requires them to either answer their phone or sign for the legal letter in the mail. Otherwise publish on John Doe for three weeks. So she prob can't sign for three weeks more at least.

I am glad it went so smoothly for you.
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