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Re: July-August HCG diet Support & Chat

Okay so Saturday SO decided we should take the kids to Hometown buffet for their graduation dinner since we didn't have the $ the last day of school. I should have stuck to diet but well I just didn't , good news though I couldn't even finish my first plate. I did have dessert too but didn't finish that either. Well that place does bad things to me every time we go there(which is NOT very often ) and I spent the evening on the pot.
So Sunday morning weigh in was up + .4 not too bad considering !

Sunday started out well, had zucchini fritters for first meal(zucchini and eggs) and a cup of coffee with creamer, figured I could get away with the creamer, since we decided to put up the doughboy pool we bought a week or so ago. Which turned into a day long ordeal, why oh why can't men just follow directions I looked up online how to set it up and he just argued with me , which meant we were outside til 10 pm with the darn thing. Only stopping to have dinner which of course had to be pizza.(I didn't take any drops yesterday ) This morning weight was up .4 .

Going back on track today before it all snowballs on me. So total weightloss for 1st week is 7lbs. Goal for next week is to stay on track no cheating!

Hope all ya mama's had a good weekend!

load day 187.7
VLCD#1 186.6(don't know how I lost with all the crap I ate yesterday !)
VLCD#2 184.4
VLCD#3 182.2
VLCD#4 181.0
VLCD#5 180.2
VLCD#6 180.4 oops day
VLCD#7 180.8 oops day
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