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Originally Posted by Xythnia
It is weird that only AFTER reading this post, the very next day I had two of the same comments mentioned. NO strangers ask me about my pregnancy, though it is VERY obvious I am preggo. I am so fine with that. But when we took DD4 to the mall play area, a mama asked me when I was due. When I told her she got wide-eyed and asked "OMG, are you having twins?!!" Didn't bother me but...Really??

I also had two , not a strangers but a co-worker, come up behind me and rub my tummy ( insert semi-glare...I don't mind actually but ASK.... ) and the other did the "You don't look pregnant from behind" comment. *lol* Again, didn't bother me but neither usually happen.

The only SUPER RUDE, actually annoyed the crude out of me comment I've had was a former co-worker (she was visiting the office after being gone 5months) said nothing but kept making disgusted faces at my stomach. I commented that she had good timing as a month later and I wouldn't have gotten to see her. She shrivels up her nose and says "Yes I know...and your son is about to turn 18 isn't he? And now this one." Shakes her head (still looking at my stomach) then looks up and tells me to have a good day. O_o Yeah, typing it out that was definitely the most purposely rude thing I've ever had said during a pregnancy! Ticked off my husband when I told him too!
Yeah, the comments don't really get to me, but just make me SMH at how thoughtless people are!

And WOW at the former coworker. What a witch!
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