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Question Kindergarten questions

1. Do you use grades in kindergarten? I was thinking of just using Excellent, good, satisfactory etc.. Kindergarten isn't a required grade so i'm not sure you have to actually keep a grade book other than for your own knowledge of how the child is doing.

2. How long do you HS your kindergartener? Schools around here have switched to all day kindy 3 days a week instead of every day for 1/2 day. Just wondering if you do all day or not. I was thinking of doing school 3 days a week for a couple hours and then on the off days do Art, Music, PE, and other hands on learning experiements and crafts. I also have a 2 year old that will be participating in those extra ciricular things too.

3. Work Boxes: i'm interested in starting work boxes for DS and I'm just trying to get an idea how to set it up and how often he does something from the work box each day. How do you do your work box system? I was thinking for a kindergartener I would put things in it like dot to dots, play dough, trace and write, color by number etc. i'm looking for ideas. (photos of your work box system would be great too!)
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