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Re: TTA while breastfeeding Advice

Originally Posted by foundrychick View Post
How does the Creighton method differ from NFP charting basal temp/cervical mucus? Thank you! Has anyone had difficulties during breastfeeding charting? I am up so much in the middle of the night still breastfeeding or just waking up to do I take early morning temp? we've been using condoms since I cant figure out how to get into charting rhythm...
Creighton Model checks for cervical mucus only. There is no need to take the basal body temperature (which can be negatively affected by irregular wake up times and lack of sleep). The research on the Creighton Model (beginning in 1968) shows that cervical mucus is the only sign that is needed for the high effectiveness that has been published (99.5% with perfect use and 96.8% with typical use for avoiding pregnancy).
Cervical mucus gives you the advance notice that you need that your body is starting to rev up for ovulation. In a breastfeeding mom who is just returning to fertility, there are often (but not always!) several attempts to rev up before ovulation actually occurs. This is easily handled by the special instructions for breastfeeding moms. The teacher continues to closely watch even experienced charters while they are waiting for their first post partum menses (meeting in person or on the phone every six weeks)- it can be a time when charting patterns are variable and we want to make sure that the couple is well supported. Someone previously mentioned continuous mucus (which is certainly not unusual) - the teachers are well trained to help the couple identify the true days of fertility.
If you would like more info on the Creighton Model, let me know
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