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Ovarian Cyst and Horrible Doctor!

Little background. I've had severe pain for most of this pregnancy, to the point where I'm no longer allowed to pick up my daughter, and I was instructed to spend most of the day laying on the couch. Thankfully I have an awesome mom who has been taking care of me and my 14 month old daughter until my husband gets home from work. My doctor was convinced that it was severe round ligament pain, and that I most likely tore that ligament. No danger to the baby, but the more I do the more I can't move at all.

The night before last I was up all night with severe stomach pain (completely different from my other pain.) My husband finally made me call my doctor in the morning before he would leave for work. She thought it could be appendicitis, and told me to go to the hospital.

I'm put in a labor and delivery triage room automatically since I'm 31 weeks. The nurse hooks me up to all the monitors and then leaves. When the house doctor comes in, before even looking at me or anything, he informs me that there is nothing wrong with me and he will be sending me home. He said I was having some light contractions so he would check my cervix before he sent me home. I explained to him that if I was having contractions they weren't bad enough for me to feel, because I know what contractions feel like and this was not the pain I was having. I also told him that my doctor was the one who told me I needed to come in for the pain. Then he has the nerve to say "You must just have a very high pain sensitivity, and unfortunately pregnancy is uncomfortable at times. I can see the pain is stressing you out by the look on your face, but I assure you there is nothing wrong with you." No the look on my face is not stress from pain, it is the look of a pregnant lady who is about to punch you in the face! High pain sensitivity?! Are you kidding me?! I went through 22 1/2 hours of induced labor with NO pain medicine! Do not tell me I have a high pain sensitivity and nothing is wrong with me! I stayed as calm as I could though and kept my mouth shut. I just told him that he should probably call my doctor and let her know exactly what he thinks, since she was the one who wanted me checked out.

10 minutes later he comes in and says that my doctor is insisting on blood work even though it is not needed. I never saw the guy again. After my blood work my doctor was the next one to come in. She let me know that the blood work came back fine, but she wasn't done checking me out. She wanted to do an ultrasound to make sure I didn't have a cyst on my ovary. She also let me know that she did quite a bit of yelling and set that doctor straight. Informing him of my previous labor, and maybe he should try doing his job instead of dismissing legitimate complaints from his pregnant patients. I then told her what he said to me, and she said she wouldn't have held back I should of smacked him! Haha I love my doctor!

So it turns out that I do have a cyst on my ovary! And the pain I've been having this whole time is from that, not my round ligament! She said a cyst on the ovary can be extremely painful, but even more painful when it moves or turns. And guess what baby Athena is doing inside of mommy? She is still breached and is kicking that ovary over and over again! We caught her in action on the ultrasound, it looked like she was playing soccer with it! I have to have another ultrasound next week to have a specialist look at it, and determine the exact size and whatever else they need to know.

I'm praying this baby girl flips soon! They said it won't relieve all the pain but will definitely make it better if she will stop kicking at it!

Sorry this is so long, just my fun filled day yesterday!
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