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Re: Tell me about delayed cord cutting

Baby does NOT have to be below the placenta. That unfortunately is a common myth especially among obgyns. Baby has to stay within a couple of inches of the placenta, meaning you can't lift her/him like 3 feet high. But mom's chest is perfectly fine in order to receive the blood from the placenta.

We didn't clamp DD's cord until 40 minutes after birth. Her cord pulsated for a while, the placenta came by itself about 10 minutes after birth. We just left it cause we were busy nursing and saying hi. No jaundice. I wanted the same for DS's birth but hospitals unfortunately adhere to medieval standards believing in some crazy myths... So his cord was clamped within 1-2 minutes and the placenta followed suit 2 minutes after birth. He was jaundiced.

It is very important to CLEARLY and REPEATEDLY communicate to not clamp the cord if you want that. A freestanding birthing center or homebirth CNM will know to wait and not give you any grief, most hospitals and obgyns have to be told over and over to get this done, sadly. It is standard in some EU countries btw to not clamp until no more pulsation, whilst baby is on mom's chest.
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