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Re: c/s and tubal recovery

I asked my doc that and he said it should not feel any different or take any longer than a regular c/s recovery. That held true for my SIL.

I wanted to have the "tubal talk" with my doctor while I was pregnant with my 4th baby. He was not happy about it at all. His advice was if you are not sure BEFORE you get pregnant, then don't decide WHILE you are pregnant. He sees a high rate of regret when women make such a lifelong decision while they are pregnant. And he certainly doesn't like that some women get a tubal done when they are "mostly" sure just because they are opened up on the c-section table. It's convenient to do it all at once, but that shouldn't play into reasonings.

I ended up not doing it and am glad I didn't have a tubal. I still don't know if we'll have another one, but I want to feel 100% at peace with whatever decision we make, without pregnancy hormones running through me, being tired of incubating, etc. Hindsight really did make me realize how much the doc was right about deciding such things when pregnant (I had wondered throughout the pregnancy, but really started contemplating things around week 35 of pregnancy).

Just my two cents.
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