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Hi! Here in Florida, public school K is all day 5 days a week! And we have really bad ratings and horrible scores!! Anyway, I homeschooled K last year and did one hour a day 3-4 days a week. We also loved playing games like Go Fish, Memory, UNO, anything really- just loved games which seemed to help. And I had her do puzzles and crafts whenever bored. Near the end of the year, I went through four boxes of Bob books slowly at night before bed (like 1-2 readers a night) casually. She tested far into 1 st grade for the private school I am putting her into next year so it worked. I really don't think it's how much time you put in a day or tests - I've never tested her. Thinking that last year I spent 3-4 hours a week on worksheets and she learned more than her public school peers that were in school all day five days a week! I'm so glad I got to enjoy her at home. She's going to a part time school next year since we have just had a baby and busy with three smaller kids. I'll still be homeschooling off days. Florida also doesn't need proof of work or evaluations until the child is 6 and she's still 5. Hope this helps a little.
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