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Re: Kindergarten questions

Originally Posted by fawnlovesjasper View Post
We started out looking like a school room many many years ago now. It was fine, but as we grew and learned together, my idea of what our homeschool was to look like. We are very very far from unschooling. We are not child led. I set our direction. If the kids are interested we do go into child led mode, and we can stay there until they have found all that they feel they need. When they are on a wild bunny trail, we can spend litterally 12-15 hours a day on a topic, reading, drawing, looking things up online, playing games, making games, etc.

In K my main focus is on math basics and phonics basics. I prefer a better late than early approach to deliberate education. This is what works for my kids. They are always learning things, the learn so much just from living life and even watching cartoons/movies (they love things on PBS and the like), they love to play games that have educational elements to them (both board and computer).

The beauty of homeschooling is that there are as many different ways to homeschool as there are homeschoolers. I bet no two homeschooling houses look exactly the same.
This is how I feel about it also. However, we have only been doing it for one year. So, I can't say we started out a lot different than we are now. But, I tried to push my oldest to start sooner (since he only misses the K cut off in our county by 2wks) and learned very quickly that I'm totally a "better late than early" mom. Pushing was not the right thing to do for us. I want to let my young children learn in a relaxed way.

I'm exactly the same with my K focus being basic phonics and math. We do more than 30 minutes, but I don't push it. Honestly, if we didn't get interrupted by other kids and he was more focused, it might not be much more than that. We do have a curriculum, but other than the math and phonics, it was just a guide. One of the reasons we school year-round is so that we can be relaxed and take breaks and go slow. Some days when my K'er didn't feel like we didn't do it. I also suspect that I'll get even more relaxed with K with my younger kids. He was my oldest and got all my focus. I'll be interested to see how things change over the next several years.
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