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These are well loved some I'm selling them cheap to move them out. If you buy the entire lot of 12 I will sell them for $36 ppd That's $3 per diaper shipped! I'm willing to split for $4.50 ppd each.

11 Kawaii Pure & Natural - 5 blue and 6 peach. We loved these diapers when our daughter was small. We got them last year so they are the style before the current ones. They fit 6-22 lbs. 5 of them have loose aplix across the front where the stitching has come loose (4 blue and 1 of the peach). The tabs and laundry tabs are great on all of them though, but there is some pilling around the front aplix. If you are handy with a sewing machine you should be able to fix the front aplix on the ones coming loose. If I wanted to spend the time I would do it myself, but I would prefer to just sell them cheap and have someone else fix them

1 BG 4.0s (could be a 3.0, but I can't remember) - White and is UGLY. The PUL is crinkly looking and the tabs are yellowed. It is still functional though. The other is Bubble and has pilly/curly yet very sticky aplix, great PUL and leg elastics.(SOLD)

1 eBay dipe "Kushie Tush" - this one is blue and in great condition. I think it is made really well despite the fact that I have never heard of the brand. It has some very slight staining but other than that it is great. It is the only one of the lot that is snaps. (SOLD)

12 microfiber inserts - Assorted - most are the ones that came with the Pure & Naturals.

Entire Lot... (UPDATE: Bubble BG and Blue eBay dipe is sold)

Example of loose stitching on front aplix (example of the worst)...

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