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Re: Atheist parents?

This is an interesting thread. My hubby is non-religious. I say non-religious instead of agnostic or atheist because he just doesn't ever talk about that stuff. He says he just doesn't think it's that important. I don't push him because I know he has a spiritual side so I have no problem with whatever he believes (or doesn't). I am a neo-pagan though, and while I don't see my beliefs as anything approaching 'religion' but more 'spirituality' I suppose I identify just fine with my atheist and agnostic buddies.
Here is my take on raising children 'in the faith', whatever your spirituality/religion/non-religion. We are all spiritual beings. If you believe in a soul or a spirit or a universal consiousness or even just the good old fashioned circle of life, we all have a greater awareness to attain. Exposing our children to spirituality through whatever means available to us, in my mind, is simply a way to facilitate their growth in that area. As parents I believe it is our job to foster growth in our children in all ways (mental/physical/spiritual). In this manner I think it is appropriate to allow our children exposure to different ways and belief systems as much as possible without practicing indoctrination. In other words it is entirely possible for my son to go to sunday school with his grandfather and hear about the things that Christians believe without hearing 'you are going to burn in hell!' but instead hearing 'this is what we believe'. He can also come with me to a Sabbat festival and gain an understanding of his mothers belief system without declaring 'I am going to be a pagan!'
Some people will argue that this confuses children. I say BAH! In the same way that teaching them to be bilingual confuses them? No- they take a few months longer to learn but their world is opened up to them because they can do what so many others can not.
So I guess to answer your question, stand your ground if you think they are being indoctrinated on the sly, but also don't let opportunities to educate them pass you by.
Just my take on it.
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