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Re: Any mamas here cook everything from scratch?

I make most things from scratch. There are a few things I am too lazy to make, like tortillas and cereal. I'm on-again-off-again with bread, depends on my mood.

I like the advice to think about what you eat a lot of, and then start with one or two items to start making from scratch. That way, you can start building up your pantry items slowly, plus you won't be overwhelmed with a whole bunch of new things.

WRT to beans, last fall I pressure canned a 5 lb. bag of pinto beans. Usually I freeze them, but didn't want to fill up my freezer, so I tried canning them. I will do that from now on, because it was actually very easy. DH also finds them much easier to digest than the cooked-then-frozen beans.

Start small, and keep trying new things! You will be surprised at how much you learn to make from scratch within six months to a year.
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