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I'm sure 99% of people reading this thread don't think you are trying to get the ladies of diaperswappers to help you with this decision. It's very clear to me you do NOT want to do it and just need help and support in convincing your husband. Also, not everyone has the belief that it's a family decision. I don't. I think it should be the boy's decision when he's capable of making that decision. Wanting to protect him and keep that decision for him when he's older is admirable. Some people just think circ gets talked about too much here and like to pop into threads to remind people that it's a topic best left off diaperswappers. But vent away mama. It can be hard. I eventually just had to put my foot down with my child's father. At first he was angry, then he accepted it, then a few years later he THANKED me for standing up to him. Guys who are circed have a hard time stepping back and seeing circ for what it really is. Take your time and don't push him too hard. In the end you can simply refuse consent. Yes, it will probably cause a rift at the time, but when your husband sees how wonderfully perfect your son is, he will probably either forget all about it, or realize he was being silly. Some people will try to convince you that you did the wrong thing by shutting your DH out of the decision, but don't look at it like that. You aren't shutting him out, you are just opening up a door for your son.

Oh and the approach I've had the most success with is explaining I have no preference sexually, I just feel strongly that a man should be allowed to choose for himself. My current S/O was offended by my anti-circ stance at first but when I explained that for me it is PURELY about a man's right to choose, he settled down and said, "ok, we'll that makes sense". And we never spoke another word about it. He knows my older child is not circ'ed and I would never circ any children we may have in the future. He may think his penis is god's gift to women LOL but he can at least see the reasoning of "just leave it up to him!" Let your DH know how much you LOVE his penis and I'm sure he will be more open to discussing leaving your son intact.
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