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Ruby Mamas Chat: July 18-July 25

Lots of babies have been born...has the sticky been updated? Its been a while since I've looked at it

I have been up all night. I did castor oil yesterday at 2pm...and was miserable and hated life for 10pm I decided to take a shower and try to relax my abdoman muscles because it was just a general crampiness. I got in bed, had a couple contractions and went to sleep. At 12:30 i woke up to stronger CTX and have been up ever since! A few times I've tried to sleep, and I'll fall asleep between them, but for the most part i've been up. They range from every 3 1/2-5min...and 45seconds-1min long. Occasionally there will be one every 1 1/2min, or one 6 1/2min apart...but they've been semi consistant all night. I have to sway and breath through them, but I'm not dying just yet! This is similar to what happened a week 10AM they completely stopped. So I'm just waiting for these to peter out. My induction is tomorrow morning, so maybe these will pick up and I won't need the pit...but so far they just seem to prodomal labor..sigh. I feel like they're at least doing SOMETHING, even if its not full on labor! Hopefully they'll soften me up so tomorrow is quick and smooth!!!
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