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Re: Any Vegan or Non-Dairy people out there? I need advice!

We do soy milk. DD has a sensitivity not an allergy (she has been tested). She was was able to start yogurt at about 2 1/2. Small amounts of baked in milk (cake) at 3. At 4 she was able to get milk in baked goods and more processed cooked goods- pancakes, snack sized amounts of things like cheese its. At almost 5 she still can't have butter (only tiny amounts in pancakes or biscuits), cheese, pudding, cream soups or drink milk.

Our doc recommended soy to us, no other milk was ever mentioned, because it is the closet to cow's milk. She also thought with a family history of food allergies nut milks would not be good. Coconut and hemp milks weren't readily available. So we went with soy. Turned out being a good thing since 1 year after the milk diagnosis she had an severe allergic reaction to an accidental exposure of peanuts. Turns out she is allergic to peanuts (so we avoid all nuts do to cross contam- no almond milk for us) and coconut.

I am glad you got a diagnosis early. I kept being blown off as over protective parent. They kept telling me she had colic and I had to find a way to deal with it- even when she wasn't sitting up at 9 months. We got her diagnosis at 1 when we switched docs. it took her new doc less 5 mins to figure out something was really wrong. By that point she had serious gross motor delays (she wasn't crawling and refused to sit up). She had 2 years of PT and is still behind gross motor. Our PT said she'll never play sports, but otherwise she is good. She is borderline gross motor delay now and we have an open invitation to PT if we want it. However at this point everyone believed she is better benefited by sports classes. I only get worried about them because its the only time its obvious that she is not quite up to everybody else.
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