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Re: I know this has been discussed a million times.

You know, that's a good point. I had never considered that a circed man might take it personally as a comment on his own penis when his wife doesn't want his son circed. Like "well, what's so wrong with my penis that you don't want our sons like this?" so making it clear about it being a man choice/right is a good idea.

I do feel for the mamas that have to go through this. I know my dh well, and I think this would have been a problem for us too if he wasn't intact himself. Dh said he wasn't done because fil says he remembers when his was done and it was traumatic. Not sure how that works since I assume it was done at birth. but whatever. I've never talked to him to clarify.

I also agree with having him watch the penn and teller video.

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