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Re: Oxnard/Ventura anyone?

Originally Posted by hopetc View Post
Fun =)
August and September are typically the hottest months of the year but the weather is still moderate. Oxnard and Ventura are coastal so they will be even more moderate. Mid 80's is a typical high and mid 50's typical low. 90's is hot and 100+ is a heat wave. Water will be as warm as it gets here - takes some getting used to but kids run in no problem. It's really not bad.
Island packers is a company that can take you out whale watching. I'm not sure they ever get close enough to shore to see them. I think dolpins are the most likely sight.
Best beach for the kids...I'll have to think about that.
Date night - what are you looking for and how nice?
I just looked up Island Packers, but am not real sure which whales will be in the area in Septmeber, so I am going to see if I can find that out. I would like the kids to learn a little bit about what we are going to see.

Date night--maybe nice restaraunt, some sight seeing, and back to the beach house. Thinking I should just relax that day!

Because we have never seen California or the Pacific Ocean, I am sure it won't be hard to find things to "awe" us! Although it has been a hot summer, mid 80's in September sound perfectly pleasant to me! And as far as water temperature goes, not worried about that at all. Wisconsin bodies of water arent very warm ever, but definetly not in March/April when we start using them!

I am so excited to finally have a plan! House booked and waiting on response about airfare. As soon as we have that, I will book a rental car--again another issue---some of our house wants a sporty convertible type and others (the more practical me) wants a nice midsize car. Not sure who will win this battle!
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