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How is it going?

How is everyone and their babies doing? I'm assuming we don't have any more pregos or at least I hope not! lol

Evanee is a month old today and is doing great. She is nursing and sleeping well. She loves to be snuggled and will sleep better at nite when she is so I put the boppy in her bassinet and put her it in so she feels snuggled and she'll sleep in it much better that way. Our last one was that way too. She occasionally has some fussy periods, which I attribute to gas so I got some gripe water and use it only if I can't get her settled and she seems uncomfy. Haven't had to use it much thankfully. Her big sisters adore her and are great little helpers. They do need to be reminded though at times to watch out or be gentle.

AFM, I'm feeling great. I had a hospital stay for a few days but I am better now. Nothing serious thankfully! I had a bladder inf bad enough to give me a headache and full body muscle aches. I took Tylenol 3 for pain, which made me constipated and eventually I couldn't pee. Once the constipation was taken care of I was finally able to pee and was on the mend. IV antibiotics helped clear up the inf pretty quickly. BFing is great and my freezer stash is over 225 oz so far in preparation of going back to work. Introduced the bottle too so she could get used to it and it went well.
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