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He started telling me when he needs to poop! (4 months old)

My son is almost 4 months now and we've been doing EC since birth. I don't make two separate cues for pee and poop, just a "psst-shh" sound for both. That has been working pretty well, but yesterday afternoon I took him to the potty and he peed, so I didn't wait and just took him back to the changing table.
He looked at me and very deliberately pursed his lips together and made a "ppppbbbb" sound, just like when he's pooping, lol! I asked him if he still needed to go potty, and he laughed at me. I took him back and he pooped a lot. It was so cute and funny, and so neat that he figured out a cue to me all on his own! EC can be so fun sometimes!
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