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Milk needed during the day/Pumping enough

i'm sorry if this seems jumbled, it's only my 3rd day back to work, and i'm a little overemotional about everything right bear with me. basically, i wohm full time, and i just went back after maternity leave, my baby is 6 weeks old. i'm trying to get an idea of how much milk i SHOULD need for my baby while i'm at work all day (like how much each feeding approx?) and also get some tips on keeping up with her.

with my son, i was first of all able to stay out on maternity leave for 12 weeks instead of 6. but since my leave was all unpaid this time and dh wasn't i am i figured, 3 oz or so, every 2-3 hours, roughly 3 bottles a day (i'm gone for about 10 hours, and i feed her right before i leave). i was never able to keep up with ds's demand, and i had no freezer stash, and so i had to supplement his daycare feedings with formula right from the start. it sucked, but it was fine. i usually pumped 3oz 3 times a day. this time, i was really hoping that i would be able to keep up with her demand since she SHOULD be eating less (right?!) and i was hoping that with experience behind me i could find a way. but she's eating 3 oz and has gone through 4 bottles the last 2 days. today, she's had 5 so far, and i still have 2 more hours before i can leave. this seems like a lot to me.....and at this rate the small stash i was so proud of myself for building during maternity leave will be gone in a matter of weeks. she's been extra fussy and up a lot, which is very unlike her. but obviously being with new people, in a new loud environment is going to take some getting used to (she started daycare monday, because dh unexpectedly got a job and ALSO started monday....we are all kinds of stressed over here). and then, she gets home with dh before i do, eats (usually she's frantic like an hour before i can leave, so i can't ask him to make her wait), and passes out before i even get there and sleeps all evening. i usually wake her after ds goes to bed and attempt to coax her to nurse before she passes out again and sleeps all night long i'm sooooo worried that she's too young for this and bf'ing is going to fail. *sob* ds was fine, besides the supplementing during the day, but i feel like he was so much older and better established at nursing!

anyways, all that to say, i can NOT keep up with this and i'm just beside myself. is she eating too much? how do i figure out if she's being overfed or if she really needs that much that often? how much do you usually put in the bottles you send? i hate to do it in 1 oz increments, sheesh i'd have to send every bottle i own. even 2 oz increments, just to make sure she's not getting to much. if she is, how to explain to the care provider? when i talk about this with dh or my mom, they act like i want to starve her for my own personal gain (apparently pumping is a selfish act on my part when i could just do formula....). i don't! but i feel like i could keep up if i just had some HELP and if everyone else treated the bm with the same careful consideration i do before giving her "just one more bottle" but i don't know how to explain that in a way that doesn't make me sound crazy and controlling.

also, any tips for getting enough to keep up with her demand? i know people irl, and see people on here who have all been able to pump enough while at work during the day to keep up with baby and i have to ask HOW?! i usually pump for 15 minutes every 3 hours, and get 2-3 oz. this is supposed to be a normal amount. so if that's normal how are all these people pumping enough to keep their babies in milk while they're gone?!? do you pump more often for less time? add extra session in the morning and at night? (and if so, how do you find time?) any tips would be sooo appreciated! sorry this got so long, i'm just kind of a mess right now
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