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Re: Milk needed during the day/Pumping enough

With DS, I could not keep up with what he needed when I worked. I supplemented with formula. I didn't know anyone that pumped or BF back then. He went through maybe one can a month. I sent 2oz bottles/bags and explained that he was to only get 1 bottle every 2 hours. I had to bring in a printed out thing showing that was "normal" for breastfed babies. (His daycare had never had a baby that had BM and were use to Formula fed babies that ate more.) I asked that they feed the Breastmilk first and then the formula. I let him have a pacifier at Daycare so he could comfort suck. (I also only used newborn nipples. I had to replace them and complain because they would poke extra holes in them to feed the babies faster! GRR!)

I did do a few things that helped. When I got home, I BF him on only breast for his first feeding and pumped the other while he was feeding. (I would be engorged but normally he was not that hungry!) I pumped much longer than 15 minutes if I could at work. I know you are probably doing it on breaks/lunch so you don't have a choice. I drank lots of liquids! I pumped at night after he went to sleep. (He was sleeping through the night by 2 months. I would pump before I went to bed and wake up to pump.) I pumped weekends if I could and froze that for use during the week. (Usually after he ate. I would only get 1/2 to 1 oz so I just put it in a bag in the fridge and would freeze it that night when there was enough for a bottles. The extra pumping helped keep up my supply too! )

Sorry your mom and DH are not being supportive. You are not starving your baby! (This is a common theme that BFimg moms have to deal with!)
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